Ballistic Studio LLC

Ballistic Studio LLC specializes in Non-Lethal Weapons Systems and devices to meet the needs and requirements of today’s U.S. Law Enforcement and Military. Ballistic Studio’s primary focus is on pneumatic Powered Non-Lethal Systems and Ammunition.  Our objective is to provide the modern war fighter and Law Enforcement Officer with the specific Non-Lethal System needed to meet tactical objectives.

Unfortunately, the present array of less-lethal weapons available to
many operational police officers is often limited to pepper
spray or Tazers.  We believe that Ballistic Studio non-lethal weapons currently
available, will help meet the evolving needs of the front-line police officer,
regardless of the police agency’s size.  These Powerful less-lethal force
weapons are needed within operational policing, for the
safety of the public and, for the safety of police personnel.

Ballistic Studio produces the most powerful Gas Operated Launchers and the most effective Non-Lethal Blunt Force and Combined Effects Ammunitions available today.

Since 1999 Ballistic Studio LLC has been producing and marketing Frangible Training and Non-Lethal Ammunition and other products in support of Tippmann Ordnance Company Inc. (Maker of Training Aid Devices). In 2012 Ballistic Studio LLC Incorporated and began marketing our own Brand Products such as the M80 Launcher and associated ammunition. Our Proprietary Products have been, or are currently being used by Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Fort Dix Home Station Training Lane Red Team, and Training Elements at Fort Eustis, Fort Sill, Fort Bragg and the US Coast Guard. Our Frangible Ammunitions can be produced in runs of Thousands to Millions.

Ballistic Studio LLC has a skilled Staff of Active and former-Military personnel with experience in Artillery Fire Control, Small Arms, Non-Lethal Weapons, Training Systems, Training Aid Devices, Product Development, Production and Procurement that are dedicated to providing our customers with the Less-Lethal tools needed to accomplish their objectives in a safer more effective manner.

Our team at present is a SDVOSB company with only six staff members.